Parametric Constraints …the Series. PART 4

The AutoConstrain functionality in AutoCAD 2011 has been enhanced and now offers the Equal constraint as well to the list. If you are not familiar with the AutoConstrain it applies geometric constraints to a selection set of objects based on orientation of the objects relative to one another. This allows you to apply multiple constraints at once, by the preset chosen priority (by using the move up or down buttons) on which they are applied in the settings dialog to the selected objects after you have created your drawing. When you use AutoConstrain with the Equal option enabled, the Equal constraint is automatically applied to lines and polyline segments of equal length, and arcs and (or) circles of equal radius.  Also, remember that the Equal constrain is not on by default out of the box, so you will have to click the check mark in the settings dialog to enable it. (It will display green when it is on.)
AutoConstrain settings

AutoConstrain settings

The Constraint bars are improved and provide more control and flexibility. You can select multiple objects for showing or hiding constraint bars using all of the standard selection methods (Window/Last/Crossing/BOX/ALL/Fence/WPolygon/CPolygon/Group/Previous). You can quickly display all constraint bars in their original position using the new Reset option. And, a new setting in the Geometric tab of the Constraint Settings dialogs enables you to show constraint bars when objects are selected even if those constraint bars are currently hidden. When the geometry is no longer selected, the temporarily displayed constraint bars are, once again, hidden. When you move a constraint bar and then edit the related geometry, the constraint bar maintains its position relative to the geometry.

Geometric Constraint settings

Geometric Constraint settings

 The new constraint icons for Fix, Horizontal, and Vertical constraints visually indicate whether they apply to an object or to a point by the display of the icon. The symmetric constraint icon is also updated with 3 different appearances to indicate whether it is identifying a symmetrical point, an object, or the symmetric line.

Visually Enhanced Icon Displays

Visually Enhanced Icon Displays

Well that is all for today but I am going to try and squeeze in one more as a Holiday Bonus Blog, as my present to you to celebrate the season. So check back in next week and see if Santa was able to deliver it? So until then have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!
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