Sync or Swim… Syncing your custom settings with Autodesk 360

Have you ever needed to use someone else’s computer for whatever reason (i.e. Travel, [abroad, or just back and forth from work and home] or perhaps you are giving a Demonstrations and they already have a computer hooked up that you have to use, or perhaps yours is on the fritz?) either way sometimes it’s not all that easy to be productive because AutoCAD’s interface is so customizable… whether it is your customization or theirs! Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore!!!

All you have to do log into your Autodesk 360 online account (or quickly create one if you don’t have one.) from the InfoCenter or in the Online Ribbon Tab, use the Autodesk 360 tool on the Online Documents panel. This will take you to your Online Account at . Once you are should see your account name displayed the InfoCenter of your AutoCAD screen.




Next, you click on the Sync my Settings on the Customization Sync panel. You will get a message box asking which settings you would like to use Local or Online.  

Sync and Choose Settings 


Local or Online











Remember you can choose what settings are synced, use the Choose my Settings tool or you can use the diagonal arrow in the lower-right corner of the panel to open up the settings in the Options dialog box. Here you can choose what types of settings and customizations are synced such as Options, Customization files, Printer support files, Custom hatch patterns, Tool palettes, Drawing template files, as well as, Custom fonts, shapes and linetypes.

Options and Settings


Remember Autodesk 360 is much more than Cloud Storage.  For more information visit:

This is Isaac and thanks for being in sync!

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