How 4D BIM Improves Construction Modeling and Projects

The visualization that BIM modeling provides for AEC firms is invaluable. Gorgeous, detailed building models help every stakeholder—be it the designer, contractor, or client—better understand the nature of the project and what can be expected when it comes time to prepare the deliverables. Things get complicated, however, when it’s time to actually start building. What happens when the timeline isn’t right? What is your backup plan for discovering problem areas during construction? How will you account for any workplace injuries?

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Use This Workaround for Detail Mismatch for Pipe and Ducts

While teaching a recent Revit MEP class, one student noted that Detail Level for Ducts and Pipes are not the same at Medium level of detail. Why?

The mechanical and piping engineers in-house have a shared interest in coordinating hydronic supply/return and condensate piping with each other’s disciplines, and they like to print and share documents or views with other project stakeholders.

The line display behavior of Revit ducts will not match piping single line diagramming when switching a plan-view Detail Level to Medium. Note that at medium display setting, pipes show as single line, but ducts will not display as single line as pipes do unless Detail Level is set to Course.

coarse detail level

pipes single line

Unfortunately, this display level of the ducts is hard coded in the program.

The Right Settings

Simply setting the Display Level to Course to get both pipes and ducts to show as single-line has some issues in displaying the wall types or fire rating lines, which revert to simple two-line wall display.

There are other components besides walls where display settings will not graphically display with sufficient detail as desired. Your best option is to open Viability Graphics and select components you need, and then use Course Detail Setting for the duct categories where necessary.

So it all depends on how we need to see all other categories. If Detail Level needs to remain Medium to show the wall types in more detail, the best workaround is to go to Visibility Graphics (VG) and select all the duct components to change the Detail Level from By View to Coarse.

visibility graphics


After selecting Coarse, only the components selected in the VG dialog will change to the Detail Level necessary for the display. The only problem is that the Flex Ducts stubbornly refuse to become single-line display.

Four Ways IdeateApps Improves BIM Productivity Workflow With Revit



IdeateApps is the newest application by IdeateSoftware, known for their innovative Revit plugins for BIM and Revit Model data. Like Ideate’s other applications–Ideate BIMLink, Ideate Explorer, and Ideate Sticky–IdeateApps is designed to make the lives of Autodesk Revit users easier, but IdeateApps focuses on productivity more than anything else. How does it help? Let’s take a look.

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Tales from the Helpdesk Crypt – Autodesk License Manager Observation and Quick Tips for Correctly Installing to Program Files Folder

There have been some interesting developments with the version of the Network License Manager (NLM).

There are different ways to install the Autodesk License Manager. These install methods are; install from the setup install in teh media, from the NLM download site and from browsing to the folder in the install media. This blog covers installing from the NLM  install media downloaded Autodesk website Autodesk Network License Manager for Windows.

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Tales from the Helpdesk Crypt – FlexNet Licensing error:-1,359. System Error: 2 “No such file or directory”

Getting the above error has proven to be a headache for users installing NLM User may get teh -1,359. System error: 2 “No such field or directory”.  Even when correctly configuring LMTOOLS in the configure services tab. I have found tis issue occurring on a couple test machines. Some users are finding something is overriding the correct license file location. A check of the Server diags report the error. Despite the setting in the Server Config, tab, an non-existent folder and file is being referenced rather than the correct license file.

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