Four Ways IdeateApps Improves BIM Productivity Workflow With Revit



IdeateApps is the newest application by IdeateSoftware, known for their innovative Revit plugins for BIM and Revit Model data. Like Ideate’s other applications–Ideate BIMLink, Ideate Explorer, and Ideate Sticky–IdeateApps is designed to make the lives of Autodesk Revit users easier, but IdeateApps focuses on productivity more than anything else. How does it help? Let’s take a look.

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Tales from the Helpdesk Crypt – Autodesk License Manager Observation and Quick Tips for Correctly Installing to Program Files Folder

There have been some interesting developments with the version of the Network License Manager (NLM).

There are different ways to install the Autodesk License Manager. These install methods are; install from the setup install in teh media, from the NLM download site and from browsing to the folder in the install media. This blog covers installing from the NLM  install media downloaded Autodesk website Autodesk Network License Manager for Windows.

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Tales from the Helpdesk Crypt – FlexNet Licensing error:-1,359. System Error: 2 “No such file or directory”

Getting the above error has proven to be a headache for users installing NLM User may get teh -1,359. System error: 2 “No such field or directory”.  Even when correctly configuring LMTOOLS in the configure services tab. I have found tis issue occurring on a couple test machines. Some users are finding something is overriding the correct license file location. A check of the Server diags report the error. Despite the setting in the Server Config, tab, an non-existent folder and file is being referenced rather than the correct license file.

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Using Revit in Viewer Mode as a Plotting Station


If you don’t know what this is you ain’t old enough

A question came up about the need for a self-standing Revit 2016 plotting station to generate PDFs. A firm did not want to tie up a standalone or network license when running off a batch of plots. I initially latched on the prospect of using the Autodesk’s Batch Plotting App, but realized right away its major limitations was that it was not a non-licensed self-standing product and worse did not print to PDF.

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New Autodesk Seek Extension Plugin for Autodesk Revit

The Autodesk® Seek extension for Revit® enables designers to conveniently access high quality BIM models, drawings, and product specifications for more than 66,000 commercial and residential building products, representing over 400 manufacturers, from inside Revit® 2015 or 2016 software.

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Model Group Copy Technique

Model groups in Revit can be very helpful in replicating repetitive layout of components such as rooms, furnishings, etc.  Groups allow editing of one group to update all of the same definition by adding or removing, even excluding, elements.  Groups can be mirrored, rotated and modified with the various tools.  Groups can even be converted to Revit links to save a group externally as a stand-alone file, as well as the inverse; attached links can be bound to another file and converted to groups.  Nothing new.

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