Family Creation Metadata Style Guide

Autodesk Seek Metastyle GuideCreating detailed and accurate Revit families can be a daunting task. The modeling of the elements is only part of the task. Creating parameters and populating them correctly is critical to creating families that will stand the test of time and be as useful as possible in a project.

If you’ve downloaded free Revit content from sites like RevitCity, BIMWorld, AUGI, etc. you’ve seen some great stuff, and probably quite a bit that is not so great. Even some of the stuff that is truly great can be a bit difficult to use, since it’s made by lots of different authors following all sorts of different methods, standards, and naming conventions.

Manufacturers are jumping into the BIM game as well, creating Revit based content of their lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, pumps, doors, windows, you name it. It seems that all of them are following different standards as well, making the use of this content a bit ‘hit-or-miss’.

To mitigate these issues, Autodesk is really making a push to get all such content consolidated into one ‘digital warehouse’ (oops, did Google already copyright that one?) known as Autodesk Seek. And to make sure that all the content builders are creating content in a standardized way, a team at Autodesk, consisting of Paul Busby, Ryan Nutbrown, (and possibly others) has put together an incredibly detailed guide for establishing metadata for manufacturers’ families. The good news is that this guide can be used by anyone — yes, even you! In it you will find 73 packed pages filled all sorts of best practices for naming conventions, necessary fields or parameters to be included in the Seek site, and generally, just good things to do to make your families as standardized and usable as possible.

Check it out! If everyone followed these ideals for Revit families, the BIM world would be a better place!