The Family Connection – now in Revit Architecture 2010

Revit 2010 connectorsHave you wanted to create more intelligent plumbing fixture or lighting fixture families in Revit? In previous versions of Revit Architecture, we didn’t have a tool to add ‘connectors’, elements that would allow MEP objects to connect to our Revit Architecture families. If you’ve ever loaded up a family from Revit MEP, you would see that these connectors come through, though we couldn’t do much with them.

We developed a lot of custom family content for architectural firms, and many of them wanted these families to have as much intelligence in them as possible, and one of the requests was for connectors to be added, to make the MEP engineering process even more streamlined. We would build these families in Revit MEP, since it was the only app with the needed connectors. That was fine for us, but most architecture firms don’t own Revit MEP.

Time’s have changed! I’m really happy to see that Revit Architecture 2010 includes duct, electrical, and pipe connectors. Add these the next time you create a custom light, or lav and your MEP consultants will love you! Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “The Family Connection – now in Revit Architecture 2010

  1. Just a question: Does this mean we can “model” MEP systems in Revit Architecture 2010 but not design them?

    So will we be able to take a designers 2D CAD drawings and model their systems in Revit Arch 2010?

  2. Revit Architecture 2010 still does not include the tools that are native to Revit MEP, such as duct and pipe tools. I suppose you could use some of your native Revit modeling functionality to create pipes, ducts, etc. but this isn’t recommended since they wouldn’t have any intelligence to them. The connectors that are included in Revit Architecture are useful when it’s the architecture firm that is creating a component like a light fixture or plumbing fixture wants the MEP user to be able to use it as-is, instead of having to edit the family themselves. Make sense?

  3. About the use of pipe lines in Revit Architecture, I´m working on a project dealing with green roofs and walls and the idea es to connect the roof an walls instalations to the wc, showers, sinks etc…
    So i´m struggling to make this plumbing instalation work on Revit Architecture, I also wish to quatify length of pipe lines, elbows, tee´s etc… Do you just recomend to jump straight into Revit MEP or do i still have a chance to create some inteligent pipe families and pull it off on Revit Architecture?


  4. Thanks for the info. I’m an architect who has been tasked with modeling some pretty fancy piping and am looking at the MEP suite. I will review and let you know the results.

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