Vote for your Favorite Autodesk University 2009 proposals

au-voting-thumbnailYes, I got a little carried away this year. I enjoyed presenting last year and got so much great feedback from attendees that I wanted to make sure I had some top notch classes in this year’s event.  I went through a bunch of my notes and projects this past year and tried to craft some topics that dealt with specific issues that I, clients, or colleagues ran into or topics that I defined a useful workflow for.  I plan on sharing some very valuable tips to make your job easier!

To vote for sessions, go to the Autodesk University Session Selection page and log in using your AU Online username and password. If you do not have an AU Online account, it only takes 15 seconds to register as an AU Online member . Once you’re logged in, just click the links below to vote or search by speaker ‘Patrick Villella’. Note that the search lists speakers by First Name.  Be sure to check out the other great courses by other CADsoft Consulting technical specialists; Ron Couillard, Isaac Harper, David Metcalf, Chris Perry, & Jerry Levy!

Worried that you may not be able to attend AU this year, due to the slow economy? Or maybe you are trying to make yourself more marketable in a competitive workplace? You can’t afford to miss one of my favorite classes to put together: Stimulus Maximus – Growing your AEC business with Social Networking Tools and Web 2.0 Learn how to really harness the power of these tools to get the job you are really after, or bring your company more business.

  1. Log in
  2. Find the course you want to vote – searching by speaker, topic, or clicking a link below.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Vote button. Easy!


Vote for your Favorite Autodesk University 2009 Courses!

  1. Revit in the Real World – Real Lessons Learned & Real Tips for Successful Revit Projects
  2. Rev-IT:Tools and Techniques for IT & CAD/BIM Managers that support Revit
  3. Real World BIM Workflow – an In-depth Multidiscipline Approach with the 2010 Software Lineup
  4. I Feel the Need…the Need for LEED! – 10 Easy Ways to Score Additional LEED Credits with Autodesk Software
  5. Stimulus Maximus – Growing your AEC business with Social Networking Tools and Web 2.0
  6. A Concise Rendering Workflow from Revit to 3ds Max: for Designers – Not ‘Specialists’!
  7. Revit Modeling Techniques for Construction and 4D Analysis
  8. Priceless Tips from the BIM Managers Bible
  9. Revit and Civil 3D Come Together for Site Design – Introducing the ADSK File Format
  10. Content Master – Best Practices for Creating BIM Content for a Wide Audience
  11. Artists Gone Mental – Harnessing Mental Ray for Vray Users
  12. Green Your Design with Ecotect and Revit
  13. A Bridge to Anywhere — How to use the Revit Structure Bridge Toolkit
  14. Save Time and Prevent Mistakes with the Power of Revit Schedules
  15. Mmmm…Triple Filtered Revit! — Create Clear and Appealing Wall Type, Area, and Code Data Plans using Filters and View Templates
  16. Yeah! That’s How I Like It!– Improving the Look of your finished Revit Sheets

Civil 3D Presentations:

  1. Style-O-Matic 2010 – “Set It and Forget It!: Making AutoCAD® Civil 3D® Work The Way You Want It to Work (encore of last y ear’s well attended class)
  2. Style-O-Matic PowerUser Edition’ – “Set It and Forget It! : Making AutoCAD® Civil 3D® Work The Way You Want It to Work (enhanced and indepth version of last year’s class, specifically for advanced users)