Common Navisworks Issues and Resolutions

In today’s fast paced world having your program not performing correctly (or even not at all), is very frustrating and time (and money) consuming. So when I’m trying to help our customers with their Navisworks problems, One thing that is nice to know is if the issues are unique to that person and their computer; or if it is reported known issue and lots of people are experiencing it.  So, I thought I would go through some of the more popular support cases going on… and some solutions that we found and have passed on to our Navisworks clients. Here are some issues and solutions for Autodesk® Navisworks® Manage 2009-10

1.  Issue: Performance issues and settings. When you navigated around a model, performance was slow and the navigation was choppy.

Solution: Large models, hardware configurations and constraints, and system settings all affect the performance of Navisworks®. There are some basic adjustments that you can make to optimize performance.

Most modeling computers operate with 4GB of RAM. However, you can enable the /3GB switch in order to free resources and use more memory for various system processes. Enabling the /3GB switch is not complex and information is widely available on its use and how it can be set.

Try turning off Hardware Acceleration to see whether performance improves. Follow these steps:

1. Open Navisworks.

2. Click Tools menu > Global Options > Interface > Display.

3. Clear the Hardware Acceleration check box.

4. Exit Navisworks.

5. Restart Navisworks.

If performance improves, the issue is probably due to the graphics card drivers. Graphics card drivers could be out of date or become corrupted; check for an update every few months. Check with the manufacturer of your graphics card to see if new drivers are available. If they are, install them and then turn Hardware Acceleration back on (click Tools menu > Global Options > Interface > Display). If no new drivers are available, or newer drivers do not resolve the issue, leave Hardware Acceleration turned off.

If you access files from a central server location, bandwidth may cause performance issues. This is not common. However, if you experience slow performance, try copying the files from the server to your computer to see if this improves performance.

2. Issue: Navisworks Flythrough – Flythrough always opens automatically when starting ShipConstructor. Once you load Flythrough, it will always popup whenever you launch ShipConstructor. This happens even if you close the popup before closing ShipConstructor. NOTE: this only happens when flythrough window is not docked.

WorkAround: This is a known issue with ShipConstructor. For the time being, if you dock the flythrough control, as opposed to have it floating, the problem will not manifest. The Problem seams to happen in all of there 2008 products releases (A little over 50 or so.) and when you check the Fixed in Version portion it list: Pending Development

3. Issue: Exporting a short animation walkthrough from Navisworks. Using “presentation” mode, some of the objects are rendered as black. This happens in AVI, PNG, and JPEG exports.

Workaround 1: User having same problem importing MEP in Navisworks, They got passed it by using presenter to add a material / color to all the valves.

Workaround 2: Go to the Presenter tab and try deleting the material called “By Layer”. User claims this has worked in the past.

And lastly, are there some unanswered issues out there still?” Of course there is… But by no means would I discourage anyone from deciding not to use this very useful program because of them.  In fact for what it can do for you and workflow, (not to mention all of the different software programs that it works with…) I would say “Navis”WORKS”.

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