Revit 2011 Renders with Unlimited Cores!

Revit 2011 Renders with Unlimited Cores

Unlimited Cores!

If you’ve used Revit for producing high quality renders, you know it’s capable of great results. The problem was that it was slow, slow, S-L-O-W! Revit 2009 and Revit 2010 were limited to using a maximum of 4 cores for rendering purposes. Even if your multi-processor, multi-core workstation was a screaming powerhouse, it would be severely throttled when rendering in Revit. Because of this, many artists would export to DWG or FBX and render in 3ds Max.

Well, hold on because with Revit 2011, this hurdle has been smashed! We can now utilize every processor and every core for rendering right in native Revit! Your rendering life just got a whole lot easier!

5 thoughts on “Revit 2011 Renders with Unlimited Cores!

  1. Hello,

    I’m now running Revit Architecture 2011 using an Intel i7 processor.
    When doing renders tho its is still very slow. its taken over 5 hours to do one imaage!
    There is also only one render pic box on the screen! with the processor working at 25%!!

    I’ve been looking over the internet and it seems a few people are having this problem! is there some type of switch setting or am i just expecting too much?



  2. Revit should be able to use more than one core for 3d modeling (main purpose, no?), not for rendering. Autodesk is not able to do that yet. I wonder what they’re using time enhancing the rendering features.If you need rendering use 3d max.

  3. James, which i7 are you using, and how does it work with items other than rendering? How much RAM do you have, and is it 2 channel or 3 channel RAM? I’m trying to decide which i7 to go with (since the i-Series is our only choice out there anymore). Thanks!

  4. I’ve got a quad 8347 (1.9GHz) setup on server 08 R2 and revit 2011, and a known length render on a single quad at 2.93GHz (overclocked Q9450) from my personal experience it’s seeming that its still actually only using 4 cores, despite putting “100%” load on all 16, as the render was taking a SIGNIFICANTLY longer time to render- the render was at over 2 days, and hadn’t even hit the completion point where my 2.93GHz quad was at 21 hours

  5. …..We can now utilize every processor and every core for rendering right in native Revit!….

    That would be great, but due to mentalRay limitations only 16 cores can be used within Revit.

    Our HP Z800 Dual QC Xeon 5580 workstations work fine (HT enabled, 16 threads), the Dual Hexa Core 5680 workstations only with HT disabled (12 cores instead of 24 threads)

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