See the FBX Link Feature for 3ds Max 2011 and Revit 2011

In a previous post, I shared some details about a feature that has been introduced in 3ds Max 2011 that has long been on the wishlist: FBX linking, instead of having a static import. In an architectural studio, the person creating the Revit model and the artist producing the rendering in Max are often two different people. It would be great if the Revit model were 100% finished before it gets handed off to the visualization specialist, but this is never the case. The artist is  expected to start producing great looking images right away, but is getting new updated models all the time. When ProMaterials were introduced in Revit a few years back, we were excited about them, but most studios didn’t use them because they only come across into Max if you export as FBX from Revit, and FBX files couldn’t be linked. Because of that one little hangup, many artists continued to export to DWG since these files could be linked and updated much more easily when the building changed.

Well, with the 2011 release, we don’t have to settle. Check out this great Autodesk video that shows this new feature in action: