Revit and RPC Archvision Content

RPC Content in RevitThis tip is fresh out of the CADsoft Consulting tech support department. I hope it helps out anyone who may be running into the same issue.

Several RPC (Rich Photorealistic Content) files ship with Revit and are a great way to add entourage (trees, shrubs, people, etc.) to liven up your scenes. If you use only the RPCs that come with Revit, you shouldn’t have any trouble rendering out your scene.

However, if you have any additional RPCs, that you have created yourself or purchased from Archvision, you will need to install the Archvision Content Manager and properly configure it so that the plugin can verify that you have licenses for the RPCs you are attempting to use. You can find detailed instructions on how to set this up at

Here are the instructions from the Revit help file:

  1. Install and configure the ACM. This utility is available free from For instructions, see the ArchVision Content Manager Help ( you must specify the location of the ACM so that Revit Architecture can access the additional RPC content.
  2. In Revit Architecture, click Options.
  3. In the Options dialog, click the Rendering tab.
  4. Under ArchVision Content Manager Location, select Local.
  5. For Executable Location, specify the location of the ACM executable file (rpcACMapp.exe).By default, Revit Architecture attempts to connect to the ACM using the IP address (the local host) and port 14931. If it cannot connect to the ACM there, it attempts to start the ACM executable that you specify here.
  6. Click OK.

Happy rendering!