Underlay Orientation and RCPs with Revit (especially Revit MEP)

Mowing the Revit RCP Lawn

Mowing the Revit RCP Lawn

I want to give a shout out to Jeremy Smith from the invaluable Autodesk Revit Clinic blog for a great post on an issue that many users, myself included, have found to be very frustrating. As Jeremy highlights, the answer is actually really easy, but often overlooked. I won’t parrot his post here but to sum it up quickly, here are 2 important take aways:

1. If you have trouble getting a ceiling to appear in an RCP view, even after checking all the usual suspects (ceiling category is on, view range is correct, used the right view template, etc.) check the Underlay Orientation and make sure it is set to Reflected Ceiling Plan.

2. The most important take away is this: While part of the View Properties, for some reason, Underlay Orientation is not controlled by View Templates. This is counterintuitive and is the reason why this issue causes so much frustration. I think we get in the habit of using View Templates to control all aspects of a view, and we expect that when we apply a ‘Ceiling’ template, we expect that it would obviously set the Underlay Orientation to RCP. It doesn’t. Set it to RCP yourself and you’ll be mowing the grass in no time.

P.S. – If you’re baffled by my mowing the grass comment, or just want more details on the Underlay Orientation and RCP issue, just check out Jeremy’s great post at http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/08/where-is-the-ceiling-check-the-underlay-orientation.html