Autodesk Project Varsari Technology Preview

Autodesk Project Vasari – Importing Site Images.

Want to see something really easy? Take a look at Project Vasari. Besides looking just like a Revit toolset, it works as a conceptual site studies tool too. In addition, it imports results into Revit.

First off, as anything else related to BIM, you need to set the location. Since we will depend on linking that information in, look at the location showing as Boston MA under the Viewcube. Clicking on this and setting the location will get us started. 










When we click on the location we are presented with a Map of Boston, just type in the Project address or at least the city and state.











In my case I am using CADsoft Tempe office address at 1295 W. Washington St Tempe AZ after which we will then click import site image into another dialog box.
















Then import the image again into Project Varsari. If you have been using Revit’s location tools to set the buildings to sites this will be pretty straightforward

After which the active level will then receive the image and you are all set to start using the image as a tracing of existing forms of the site for contextual studies, sun/shadow analysis, etc.









Set the viewcube to top and then trace the outline of the existing building. Nothing to it.










Using Revit like massing tools and gizmos enables rapid learning and adoption across differnt or not so different platforms.










I can’t believe how easy our work is getting with BIM. Sign up for this technology preview and try it out it’s free and easy!

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