Tales from the Helpdesk Crypt – Install, uninstall Revit 2015 Content Libraries

This help topic has come up due to users reporting issues with missing parts of or all of their content on install of Revit 2015 to their systems.

New for Revit 2015 users, a new method to add Revit Content Libraries has arrived. A separate install exists to manage the Revit content libraries on the hard drive and server to download copy and install for users. Since many firms have gotten away from using the stock Revit Libraries due to the need to define exact requirements of dimensional and specifications of content even early in the design stages. For example stock content of Revit VAV boxes are nowhere near matching the overall dimensional sizing of real world content. So as far as placeholders, they’ll not be sufficient early in the design iterations.

This indicates a few things in my opinion that in the future we will have more direct content and tighter integration to what’s real in Revit than ever before from Manufacturers and standards bodies.

As before, an internet connection is required to have content downloaded to the hard drive.

  • To add or remove content:Go to Windows Control Panel>Programs and Features

01 Proggrams and Features


  • Select Autodesk Revit Content Libraries 2015, and click Uninstall/Change.

02 Add or Remove Features


  • On the installation page, click Add or Remove Features.

03 Check or uncheck


From the Add or Remove Content Libraries page, check content to be installed. Un-checking content will remove the content. Note:  the Add content button will allow you to add customized manufacture specific or content purchased from 3rd parties.After checking or unchecking content click Next to update Revit content installation.

04 Finished

Depending on content download size, internet speed or if it is on media expect so time to complete.

 This new feature to manage our libraries will have a help us have a better way to manage out content and am looking forward to 3rd party content developers to take advantage of this new flexibility to managing our content.

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4 thoughts on “Tales from the Helpdesk Crypt – Install, uninstall Revit 2015 Content Libraries

  1. This assumes you have the content libraries in your installed files list. I have Revit but no content libraries showing in my Programs and Features list. Is there a way to download this straight from Autodesk?

  2. Hi Steve,

    If I was you I would pop the USB or start the install as if from scratch…. look for the Revit Content Library install and put the check mark next to it then perform the install.

    Here is some good reading from this link.

    Read down to:
    Once the original Revit 2015 Content Libraries are successfully uninstalled, launch the Revit 2015 installer again and it should allow Revit content to be installed again. When getting to this stage, make sure to have an active internet connection because some of the Revit content may need to be downloaded during the installation process.

    Let me know if that works.


  3. Thank you! This is a very informative post. But I have question that I dont get.
    1- What do you think is the main reason for such a change?

    2- Is this content library getting updated on a timely fashion? If it is, then users could upgrade it manually. Why Autodesk didn’t choose such an option?

    3- Can you give an example, How would 3rd party developers can take an advantage from this change?

  4. Hi Sam,
    Good questions there. Let me explain here in the order you posed them.
    First, my suggestion as to best practice is that the design and definitely in the construction process is to get manufacturers content and model from more real content.
    Have you compared the VAV boxes from the Revit OOTB library of content with the actual VAV boxes used in projects? Doors are not much better. They’ll usually in no way match the industry standard in sizes and form. Modeling from out of the box content can be pretty low level of detail as to be a problem in the field during fit-up and fabrication process. At this point we will run into delays in construction when needing to re-fabricate and deliver products to the site.
    We are much better off going to the manufacturers and requesting content based on more real world families. Autodesk Seek is a good repository of Revit content. Additionally Geenheck offers tools to configure specific content and download then per project parameters.
    In answering your questions directly in the order you asked:
    1. I expect to have content by either discipline, manufacturer or by project be packaged and available for download and installed. This can be installed by users systems or on the server. Another consideration is that most users use a server environment and don’t need to install families on individual systems. It got more impetrative to just remove the automatic installation of content for installing on a network.
    2. We have at least once seen OOTB library of content get updated as like an service pack update. But generally do not expect the OOTB content from Autodesk be updated at intervals between releases. The content from Autodesk is just a starting point and can serve as a place holder for real content where needed.We are better of getting content direct and at a higher level of detail for a specific project.
    3. Items 1 and 2 answered above covered applies where the BIM manager can receive or download and customized packages and place it on the server, then users needing this content can install it using this functionality as a Windows Control Panel>Programs and features>Add/Remove features based on this link.

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