Is your internet connection reliable and up to speed to download Autodesk Product and Content?

Checking the speed and reliability of your internet connection gives us a snapshot at a particular time what is going on with your internet connection at home or the office. While there are more techy versions of these tools, some which are primarily tested via the command line dialog box or software bought for professionals. We offer two web based tools available called and 

Periodically, we at CADsoft Consulting Inc. have to test our connection at the office and at home if we suspect there are issues with the internet connection. Most times a simple reboot of the cable modem and router is all that is needed to restore to the contracted speeds. When using to check my internet speed, I frequently find my speeds at home drop to as low as 2.3 mbps. So after a reboot, the speeds rise to 36+ mbps.

Hence, when preparing to download large amount of content or software, perform a test of your internet speed to be sure you have the contracted speed working on your connection. This will save some grief about download issues around slow speeds especially when your modem throughput gets bogged down.

01- Speedtest

For issues with reliable connection try and see quality of the connection provided by the ISP. This will troubleshoot issues where the downloads are corrupted when attempting to extract and install software. In my opinion, any connection less than A is third world connection. We can slide by with B, but less that that bet on issues with downloads being corrupted or missing packets. We will see these issues usually when downloading the Revit Content families. If you see the family content folders, but the folders are empty that could be a cause and effect of bad connection.

02- PingtestA caveat; Java is required to test for packet loss with Pingtest. We get a notification if Java is not installed and are pointed to the Java download to install it.When downloading and installing Java, whatever you do don’t let any bloatware install. This goes for most all “free” stuff we download and install to our machines, junk up our browsers with annoying toolbars and worse yet highjack your search engine home page. Normally, we recommend to not do any such downloads as the plague, but in some cases, just be savvy, vigilant and stick to the better reputable sites.

03 - Java Setup2Here is how to get around not installing any bloatware by watching for these boxes check by default. When Java setup comes up look for any and all offers in the configuration settings to be sure no offerings (bloatware) is to be installed along with the Java application. See image above.

 After which for Google users, type about:plugins in the browser field and look for Java(TM) product in the list. Check the box next to “Always allowed” to run the application during the Pingtest. This is as a example for Google Chrome Browser and it may vary according to which browser you use.

04 - Google plugin settingWith this nasty business of hackers and botnets, we will still get a security warning as shown below about allowing an application from Ookla to run. Just click “Allow” and don’t put a check in the box to not to show it again. I want to be reminded of this each time.

05 - Security Warning After which any packet loss can be tested for. In testing this at the office as have slid to a B rating, possibility the issue is our VOIP phones and the number of hops though several hubs to any particular server.

06 - Presenting teh results

Keep in mind this is only a snap shot based on any particualr server that the tools ping and test connectivity and speed. There are more specific tools by which can ping and trace hops to any server especially servers affiliated with

Use the information garnered from these tests in discussions with your support calls with the ISP regarding issues with speed and connectivity.

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