How to Make 3D Section Views in Revit 2016

3D section views in Revit 2016 help people better understand design iterations and the relationship of the parts of the building model. Complex illustrations of model segments can culminate in several, if not dozens, of views during the BIM modeling phase.

Sections Views in 2D and 3D

Creating these 3D views is easy, and it only takes a few minutes to set up and tweak a view.

Starting with the 3D view, just window around the parts of the model to generate the section box from.

3d view window


After that, we can fine-tune the extents of the section with the grips tool.



The same approach can be taken from the 2D plan view.


2D plan view

 Instantly, a 3D view is created.

3D view

By showing in detail the impact of the design, our work will get done much, much faster.

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