How to Embed A360 content directly in your blogs.

A cool tip from Autodesk’s A360 discussion group and Through the Interface Blog shows us how to embed content posted to A360. Another excellent use of a360 that gives users the ability to share and embed design content on websites and publish to blog pages. Any media file format viewable in A360 can be used.

A very good marketing initiative to show designs to project stakeholders or prospective clients.

If you are not a A360 user, try it out and see how you can market your business and share designs via webpages and blogs.

UPDATE 11/05/2015

If have had issues in getting the iframe coding to stick in your blog page you may have like me encountered the inability to get WordPress to accept the iframe code. Our WordPress Administrator had to extend more permissions to me so to show the extras showing in the sidebar in my WordPress editor. See this video on how to add external content of videos a360 content to your blog.

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