Four Ways IdeateApps Improves BIM Productivity Workflow With Revit



IdeateApps is the newest application by IdeateSoftware, known for their innovative Revit plugins for BIM and Revit Model data. Like Ideate’s other applications–Ideate BIMLink, Ideate Explorer, and Ideate Sticky–IdeateApps is designed to make the lives of Autodesk Revit users easier, but IdeateApps focuses on productivity more than anything else. How does it help? Let’s take a look.

Ideate QuickSelect Gets Rid of Corrupt Elements

My colleagues and I have had problems finding an odd element in a few Revit projects that no one could easily find. Using the QuickSelect tool helps isolate problem element(s) that bogged down or crashed Revit projects as a result of the element’s corruption. This was a big timesaver for our helpdesk! This video explains more.

Ideate Renumber Saves You Time When Renumbering Elements

How many times have design changes during Schematic, Design Developmen,t and Construction Documentation forced you to renumber elements? BIM is supposed to allow us to rapidly edit data integral to Revit Projects without too much investment in time. According to one of our own clients, however, the process of renumbering rooms and doors can sometimes take an hour! Multiply this by a half dozen or more TI and Shell building projects in a month, and you end up with hours of “low-level BIM management,” as opposed to getting high-level modeling and construction plans done. This video explains how to speed up the process of renumbering rooms in Revit.

Ideate XRay Fixes Revit Visibility Issues

These dreaded “None of the created elements are visible in the current view” dialog boxes haunt the dreamd of even experienced users. They typically creep up when placing elements in a view. Ideate XRay allows us to see how we can set the view setting to show the objects in the view without a lot of diagnostics. Learn more with this video about fixing Revit visibility issues.

Ideate SmartDelete Fixes Unintentional Deletions

Moving, copying, and deleting in Revit require special care, as there is an interdependency of elements in the 3D model. The undo is one of my favorite tools because it gets rid of any ramifications that element deletions could yield. Sometime it’s not until after the fact that we realize deletions cause effects we didn’t want to have happened. This video illustrates the interdependency of parts of the model and how SmartDelete protects 3D data from being inadvertently deleted. Watch this video on how Ideate SmartDelete reduces your liability when deleting elements.

Register for our Ideate Software product demonstrations on October 4th and 5th to learn more about how this and Ideate Software’s other applications help you better manage your BIM data and workflow.

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