The First-Ever Public Revit Roadmap

Last fall we were treated to a glimpse of what is coming down the road from the developers at Autodesk. This has never occurred before, and as most users know, unless we sign up to beta test future releases, there are no indications of what is coming in the short term and from the long view.

revit roadmap

A shift in policy within Autodesk has resulted in a high level outline of future functionality to come with several Autodesk products. These roadmaps have been offered with a couple caveats that are posted to the roadmaps webpages.

From each products roadmap webpage:

  • We’re sharing some of the highlights of our product development roadmap to give you a sense of the general direction [Autodesk Product] is heading. There’s a lot more work going on behind the scenes and this roadmap doesn’t reflect everything the development teams are working on.
  • Roadmaps are plans, not promises. We’re as excited as you to see new functionality make it into the products, but the development, release, and timing of any features or functionality remains at our sole discretion.
  • These roadmaps should not be used to make purchasing decisions.

With that in mind, we can look at what is possibly coming in the near future in the three Autodesk products I could find roadmaps to list below.

Revit Roadmap – October 2016


InfraWorks 360 Roadmap Check In – January 2017


BIM 360 Doc Roadmap Update – December 2016 


Fusion 360 Roadmap Check-in – September 2016

(No roadmap for Civil 3D or Map 3D yet.)

One more item to note regarding the roadmap for Revit: The roadmap define the short- and medium-term rollouts of changes, fixes, and feature additions. However, Revit has had a long run with several iterations, one being a single UI change only once.

Revit as BIM isn’t just about the toolsets. BIM has always been about collaboration and workflow within the design, engineering, construction fabrication team. Indications of a real overhaul to make this true are in the making and the project underway is called Autodesk Project Quantum. Read all about it in detail from the AEC Magazine article in this link.  Autodesk Project Quantum: The future of BIM . Anyone who may have read my previous blogs on quantum computing might have thought I had previous knowledge of this project, I can say that this was totally a coincidence that the project code named with Quantum related to Revit has come forth. So have a cup of coffee and take a look at where the future is taking us in regards to how we may do our work in the future.

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