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Control visibility of masking region linework in Revit

While creating a custom office furniture family set for a client a while back, I had the need to control the appearance of boundary lines in a Revit masking region. On the surface, it seemed like something pretty easy to do. While in Sketch Mode for the masking region, you can select the boundary line […]

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Multiple Column Text in Revit 2012

We’ve been waiting for it for years and it’s finally here! Well, sorta. Sorry, before I get your hopes up too high, let me tell you that the headline is a little misleading. There are many great new features and improvements in Revit Architecture 2012, but, sad to say, text manipulation and formatting still has […]

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10 Easy Steps to Conceptual Energy Analysis

As many of you already know, I’m a big Ecotect Analysis fan. Over the past year I’ve had the pleasure (well, mostly a pleasure) of helping hundreds of designers in the US and parts of Europe use this tool to improve the performance of their buildings. That being said, I’m also the first to admit […]

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Network, Multiseat or Standalone – How to utilize downloadable software for repair, reinstall, clean installs or updates.

This article attempts to strategize ways by how to utilize the downloads for the future when repair, reinstall, clean installs and updates are attempted.

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Subscription Advantage Pack for Navisworks 2011

This release year’s software enhancements available to Subscription customers center around integration and communication.  The offering includes: New avatars Appearance profiler add-in Extended support for existing applications New file format support Select from an extended range of third-person avatars to better explore project models and communicate stakeholder perspectives. Represent various roles such as safety professionals, […]

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