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Welcome Everybody.

I wanted to introduce this new area just for AutoCAD users; I know what you are saying, “Why create a section for CAD, when the word on the street is BIM?” Don’t get me wrong Revit is a great product and does some impressive things, and will become a big part of the future, but it is still fairly new compared to the CAD market. Also I have found that a lot of Revit users still use AutoCAD platform drawings (about 20%) to complete their deliverables because of many reasons, from comfort levels (meeting deadlines), software limitations, or just already having pre-existing content that they don’t want, or have time to recreate. Not to mention there is still a lot more CAD users then there are BIM. So this area of our Blogs will concentrate on the CAD to keep you up to date, make your day to day operations run more smoothly, and hopefully show you a few tricks along the way. However, I have some good news for the AutoCAD user since the introduction of the new Revit interface it now looks similar to AutoCAD with the new Ribbon tool in place to better make the transition to BIM when you are ready.

But welcome to the new AutoCAD Blog and I am always interested in what you want to hear more about, or anything that you may want to share like “Tips or Tricks” you have learned with all of our readers.  In fact, we have even moved some previous content from our BIM BLOG that dealt more with AutoCAD content than Revit. So if you never checked them out before because it was under the BIM title and you were not using BIM; take some time and check them out. If you have an idea for a future posting then please contact me at:
Until next time… Thank you for your time.
Isaac Harper

Isaac is the go-to guy for the AutoCAD skills that lie at the foundation of AEC software tools and increased productivity. And you’d be hard pressed to find someone who knows more than he does about how to be more efficient in AutoCAD. Isaac can present best strategies and tips for productivity because he understands his audience and what they do. He has a high number of repeat customers who like his dynamic style and keep returning to learn more from him.