AutoCAD Tips and Tricks – MULTIPLE Command

The MULTIPLE Command
I’m sure there are a lot of times you want to use the same command over and over with out having to manually restart the command over each time by right-clicking or pressing the spacebar. You need the MULTIPLE command! This is not a new command, however, it is not on the Ribbon either, so I wanted to let you know it still exists, or introduce it to you, if you were not aware this command at all.

Here is how the “Multiple” command works. Let’s say you need to draw a lot of circles in various locations and sizes. (This also applies to any command you want to repeat.) At the command line type MULTIPLE and then hit the [enter key].  Now, type in the command you want to repeat (like CIRCLE) and hit enter. Voilà!
There you go! Now, you can keep on creating circles without having to manually start the command over and over. When you are done, just hit the ESC key and that will end your “Multiple” session.

So now if people say the you’re redundant; that you repeat yourself; that you do things over and over… just tell them you’re use the Multiple command.

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