Drawing Window and Interface has New Appearance in 2011…

1.  At first look you will notice that the drawing window has been updated in AutoCAD 2011 to display a dark gray background in modelspace. You can easily modify the drawing window color from the Display tab of the Options dialog box. The traditional dot grid has been replaced with horizontal and vertical gridlines to more closely represent engineering graph paper. When the grid is enabled, red and green lines extend from the UCS icon to represent the X and Y axes of the origin.

2. Autodesk has added the Workspace in the Quick Access Toolbar. It also includes 2 separate 3D workspaces; they created one for basic simple model design, and one for more advanced 3D capabilities.

3. The last thing that I am going to cover in the posting (and certainly not the last change to the interface) is in the Ribbon. Besides the new drop down arrow for toggling displays modes for Ribbons. They have created a new Ribbon panel button; which only displays the panel as one button; when you hover your curser over the icon; it expands to all of the tool buttons in the panel including the drop down list.

Well that is all I have time for now but there is a lot more to come in future posting, so don’t forget to keep checking back. Until then, thank you for your time.  – Isaac

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