New Features in AutoCAD 2011

WOW where to begin… AutoCAD 2011 has so many great new powerful features that it was had to choose what I thought would be most useful to everyone. In fact if I were to write just a little bit about all of the neat new features this article would have been over 50 letter-size papers long. So I had to make a tough choice on what I thought was my favorite one to write about, so I narrowed it down to three or more that I thought were pretty neat that everybody could use in any discipline. So I guess you will just have to keep tuning in to my future Blogs to catch all of these great tools, because I have found that it would be impossible to cover them all at once. And remember: By no means “what so ever” are these the most powerful tool introduced, there was a lot of very cool things added from Menus, Display features, Drawing tool enhancements, Constraints to 2D commands to an amazing leap forward in 3D capabilities in this release. In my last count there were over 35 new features added, so there is bunch of stuff for everybody, but all in all I was looking for something that everybody can start using right away with practically no training at all so here is the one I choose to tell you about first…

Text Alignment in Linetypes
AutoCAD 2011 now makes it possible to maintain linetype readability in any orientation. In the older version you could reverse the direction of lines by switching the values of the start and end points (or rotate the line 180 degrees), but that would not work on PLINEs with out exploding or ARCs at all, they always read to the outside from the center of the arc. In 2009 AutoCAD gave us the REVERSE tool but it was just a button to do what we had always done manually before, and with the same results as before. But I am happy to announce that in 2011 there is a new linetype pen setting in town and it is called “Upright!”

Now, the linetypes included with AutoCAD 2011 behave this way by default. But you can update your own custom linetypes; just open the LIN file and you need to change the rotation option to U, for “upright”. (The other possible values for the rotation option are R, for “relative,” and A, for “absolute.”)
An example linetype definition looks like this:
Example Linetype Definition
In my next BLOG I am going to introduce you to a brand new Layer Property that I know you are going to love, so don’t forget to keep checking back in! But for now… this is Isaac saying “Keep On CADing!”

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