Object Creation Tip

The new Add Selected tool enables you to quickly create a new object in your drawing based on the properties of an existing object. For example, if you use the Add Selected tool and select a polyline, AutoCAD automatically launches the PLINE command with basic object properties including color, layer, linetype, linetype scale, plotstyle, lineweight, transparency, and material preset to match the selected object…

It is also very easy to use with any type of AutoCAD entities fromDimensions, Text, Hatch, Lines… even Block content, and is much more intuitive than just using the copy command, for example: If you were to select a Block in your drawing and use copy; even though you are creating a new object; all of it’s settings are preset so you may have to do some editing afterwards to things like Scale, Rotation and so on. But if you select the Block you want, Right-click and choose Add Selected from the shortcut menu, it will launch the Insert command and load that block to be inserted, allowing you to make any changes during the insert process.
Another example: is this works for all of the entities that are saved to a style, (Text, Dimensions, Multileaders, Tables…) Have you ever needed to add a note or something to your drawing and you want to make sure you have all of the same settings and style as a similar note? Normally most people (out of habit) would have to do some research on the existing note first to determine all of its settings; Layer, Style, Text Height, Rotation, Annotative Scaling and on and on and on. Then they go to all the different areas and set each one to be current before they add the note, or perhaps they edit the note afterwards to match all of the settings. Either way it takes valuable time to do all that. With Add Selected everything gets set up for you automatially, just add the note like you have already done the research and made of the settings. And the best thing about it is all the settings that were made are temporary for that command; you don’t have to go reset everything back to the way it was!!!
So whatever type of object you select, it knows to launch that command with all of the content setup prior for fast and easy creation.
This new feature alone could shave hours off your day to day workflow.
I’m Isaac, and thank you for your time.

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