Productivity Study …AutoCAD 2008 Vs. 2011

Today I wanted to point out an interesting article that was posted on Market Watch .com, the article was a press release from Business Wire regarding a productivity study done comparing AutoCAD 2008 to AutoCAD 2011. The study was done by David Cohn (consultant and fellow AU instructor) and is broken down into several areas and shows that there is an increase in production productivity for the lowest point of the study of 15% reduction time; and a 94% being the highest increase on the study with no hardware upgrades. With a hardware upgrade; the study jumps to increase the averages by another 10% beyond that.  There were 8 tasks total and average of 31% of time was saved over all; and 44% if they had done a hardware up date as well. So I wanted to pass the link on for all of our customers to be able to read it for themselves.
For more information on the David’s study, visit

Now granted I want to point out something and this is for the people using the older versions. If you are not used to the new menu interface it is going to take some time to adjust. So here is my advice… Most prior release users want to immediately revert back to the way they feel comfortable; that is natural, as people we are creatures of habit. But you really need to discipline yourself to start using the new menu areas like the Ribbon in lieu of the toolbars and pull down menus; the Polar function instead of Ortho; and so on; to start seeing the pay off. I know it will slower at first during the learning process; (…and I often explain that this transition resembles something similar to watching a two year old tying their shoes, I have seen this over and over… but don’t give up!), that’s why CADsoft holds classes on updating your technical skills to help speed up the process to show you all of the ins and outs of working with these new menus. After you have done it a few times …well, it’s like riding a bike. So when you get frustrated, Please realize that all of these changes were made because after several studies it was proven to be more productive.  Well, I hope this information is informative and useful. Thank you David. Until next time, this is Isaac, wishing you a productive day.

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