The Subscription Advantage Packs (SAP’s) are Here!!!

In this Blog I want to give you a brief overview of what they have included for “AutoCAD Products”. This includes AutoCAD Platform and its verticals (10 products total).
The Subscription Advantage Pack for AutoCAD 2011 Products now provides new tools that extend the software to web and mobile platforms and enhance file sharing and conversion.
 (1st) AutoCAD® WS plug-in for AutoCAD software*

The Subscription Advantage Pack contains the AutoCAD® WS plug-in for AutoCAD software, which allows you to access AutoCAD WS directly inside your AutoCAD software. AutoCAD WS is a new web and mobile application that enables you to stay connected to your DWG™ files on any platform—from your desktop, from the web, or from your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad mobile devices.

Also, I was able to run across an article form a fellow AU Instructor; and Autodesk Guru (Kean Walmsley) who was able to interview Tal Weiss, (Senior Software Development Manager for AutoCAD WS) I found it to be quite informative so I wanted to share the link with you. [Thank you Kean.]
*  NOTE: The AutoCAD WS plug-in for AutoCAD software is available to all AutoCAD customers and is not exclusive to AutoCAD subscribers. However, it is just much easier to access with a single sign in for Subscription Customers.

(2nd) DWG conversion tool
Batch convert DWG files to any of the following DWG versions: Release 14, 2000, 2004, 2007, and 2010. Easily share newer drawings with colleagues using previous versions of the software. Quickly bring older file libraries up to date all through a easy to use dialog box.

(3rd) IGES import/export
IGES drawing file (.igs) import and export capabilities are now available to AutoCAD software users.

But that’s not all. Just to take this blog a step further… I have had requests for Vertical Product information in the past… So here you go!!!

In addition… for AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP Subscription Customers…
Not only do Subscribers get the items listed above but they also get access to the Autodesk® Green Building Studio® web service. Perform whole building analysis, optimize energy efficiency, and work toward carbon neutrality earlier in the design process by exporting AutoCAD Architecture software files via gbXML to Autodesk Green Building Studio web-based energy analysis service.

Web-Based Energy Analysis Software
Autodesk® Green Building Studio® web-based energy analysis software can help architects and designers perform whole building analysis, optimize energy efficiency, and work toward carbon neutrality earlier in the design process. With faster, more accurate energy analysis of building design proposals, architects and designers can work with sustainability in mind earlier in the process, plan proactively, and build better.

  • Whole building energy analysis software—Determine virtual building’s total energy use and carbon footprint.
  • Design alternatives analysis—Consider alternatives to improve energy efficiency.
  • Detailed weather analysis—Extensive weather data available for project site.
  • Carbon emission reporting—Emissions reporting for nearly all aspects of the building.
  • Daylighting—Qualification for LEED® daylighting credit.
  • Water usage and costs—Estimated water use, in and outside building.
  • ENERGY STAR® scoring—Scores provided for each design.
  • Natural ventilation potential—Summarizes mechanical cooling required and estimates hours design could use outdoor air to cool the building naturally.

FAQ (pdf – 48Kb)

Getting Started with Green Building Studio Web Service (pdf – 654Kb)

Downloading the Subscription Advantage Packs…

…And as Always I’m Isaac and I want to thank you for your time and tell the Subscription Holders “Enjoy Your New Tools!”

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