AutoCAD WS …and My New Android

I know that you have all heard that to can share and edit drawings on your Mobile device (iPOD, Android…) Using AutoCAD WS… But I just wanted to see how many have you actually checked it out? Why? Because I was one of them… I was stuck it the realm of “I’m just used to doing things the way I have always been doing them, and anything new was just… witchcraftary!” But mostly because I did not understand what it could do for me; Why? Because I never tried it… and even if I don’t need the tools it has to offer it’s just nice to know that they are and that they are at my disposal for free… So I tried it!

It’s kind of like calamari, lots of people love it; and lots have no desire for it… But how was I to know what all the hype was until I tried it? (…and know for a fact that it tastes like a rubber tire.) But the good was… I now knew what it was about and what it had to offer me. Well I’m here to tell you that AutoCAD WS is NOT a rubber tire… I just got a new phone (Droid) and it installed in minutes… let me create a login seconds and was able to view one of the sample drawings for me to test it out…( just in case all of the rest of my friends were still in AutoCAD File sharing and denial like I was).

Let me tell you it was very easy to use, easy to navigate, and even tried a few of their Drawing and Modifying tools, Panning and Zooming at my fingertips was amazing, and crystal clear as my monitor at work and I would say it was even fun. The only thing that I did not like about it, was that the help file was a little hard to read so I zoomed up on the text and it would not let you pan side to side so the need to work on that, at least for the Droid apps. (I tried it on two different types of droids, same on both.) But over all I think that it was very educational and I could see how it would be a MUST HAVE for anyone that goes out to the job site and then needs to reference the plans or relay actual drawing information back to their design team. I love AutoCAD WS! …Calamari, not so much!

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