Got Service Pack 1?

Earlier this year, I was shocked to learn that Autodesk had removed the Classic Array Command completely in their initial 2012 release of AutoCAD. I thought they knew their AutoCAD customers better than that…? But, I am happy to report that they listened to your feedback and brought back the Classic Array functionality called ARRAYCLASSIC with the Service Pack 1 Release. So for those of you that spoke up, pat yourselves on the back, (perhaps you could show the Wall Street protesters how to get things done faster?) =)

But was it too late down the road? I was surprised that some customers told me that they went back to the prior release because of their workflow (for whatever reason… custom routines not working in the newer version.) Also, they never heard that the older version of the array command was back in 2012. And of course they wouldn’t have got the notification in AutoCAD if they are using an older version. Hint, it’s good to do some research or follow sites that cover your “tool of the trade” just to be on top of things and maybe pick up a few new things along the way.

So I have to conclude that “both sides” are at fault. Technology is growing exponentially, and has the capabilities of spiraling out of control faster than most of us can absorb it, and because of that, I also believe it is slightly being held back because of the human side of things. Anyhow, regardless of who is driving what, the last thing I hate to see is people going backwards. So, I am glad there is a fine line between, and they keep each other in check while moving forward… well at least until they get that EASY BUTTON working!!!

Here’s a link to the Service Packs.

AutoCAD 2012 SP1

AutoCAD LT 2012 SP1

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