Lynn Allen Event at CADsoft Consulting

Lynn and I demonstrate AutoCAD WS

Today I just thought I would tell you some of the highlights of today’s CADsoft Live event… “Make Your Ideas Happen” with Autodesk’s Lynn Allen, Technical Evangelist – AutoCAD 2012 After a brief introduction by Tim Duncan AIA, CADsoft President/CEO, Lynn was off and running.

I liked the way she refered to the AutCAD users that still set their newer AutoCAD products back to the AutoCAD Classic mode as rebels. The rebels in the crowd proudly identified themselves. Lynn admitted to being a rebel herself at first, but now with the newer tools, the ribbon has won her over with additional tools in the Ribbon. For example, the new Associative Array command is much easier to control through the Ribbon. So, that is something to consider, especially since the old screen menu has finally been retired; you never know what will be next. I also got to do a live demonstration with Lynn on how the AutoCAD WS works and demonstrate how people in the office can see live updates from team in the field (at the Job Site) using their iPAD, Droid or other smart portable devices… and even comment “This is how you justify to your bosses that they need to buy you an iPAD.” (Everyone got way to excited and happy on that one… well maybe not the bosses.) But, they did see the huge value in it for walk-through’s and change orders at site. She also showed how companies were using the powerful visualization tools like 3ds Max Designs to gain community buy-in to a billion dollar roadway improvement in San Francisco. There were members of the community that Lynn referred to as McMansion owners, aka the Ritchie Riches’ of the area, that wanted to prevent the billion dollar roadway improvements from happening, because of the impact on their community. Once they were able to see what the improvement would look like along the whole stretch of roadway, they voted in favor of the project. After seeing the video, I can see why all of the Mc Mansions owners in the nearby community voted for it! She wrapped up the lecture with a very funny video of how the world is progressing and the importance of thinking outside of the box. After that, I did a quick trivia give-a-way with some nice hard bound designer books highlighting design projects completed with Autodesk solution and everyone got a copy Lynn’s Tips and Tricks for AutoCAD 2012. Whew!!! All that in less than two hours! So if you miss this year’s event with Lynn Allen… you might want to make plans to catch next years, as we do plan on having her back! And if you were able to attend, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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