New Marketing Tool to showcase your firm’s capabilities

If you haven’t noticed with decline in the economy, only the strongest Companies have been able to thrive in what little construction is going on. How would you define what is a strong company?

It’s simple; it’s the ones that are winning all the work! Yes, I believe the economy will recover in time, as it always has in the past, but can your business survive until the economy has recovered? I wanted to give you some insight into how the firms that are winning the projects are using innovative visualization and presentation tools to win the work. AND the best thing about it is… if you have purchased  the Building Design Suite 2012 or Autodesk Design Suite 2012, you already have it sitting on your shelf behind you…It’s called Autodesk® Showcase®.

So, what is Showcase? Autodesk® Showcase® is a real-time 3D presentation and rendering software offers Industry Professionals the ability to quickly and easily create compelling imagery, movies, and real-time presentations from their CAD or BIM models allowing the presenter to show high-value, interactive design reviews, stunning marketing materials, and convincing sales pitches is as simple as a few clicks during the presentation. I encourage you to take a few minutes to just take a look at the video of this amazingly easy presentation tool to help you win more projects and showcase all of you firm’s design talents.

Video Demo


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