When Push comes to Nudge…

The Nudge Functionality

Moving objects in AutoCAD has always been a must and AutoCAD has always provided different ways to do this by using some type of editing command like Move or Stretch, or by using automated commands like Grip Editing… well Autodesk has now added one more new automated feature called Nudge. The New Nudge functionality is useful when you need to move one or more selected objects in an orthogonal direction. Simply select the objects (highlight) that you want to move and press Ctrl down and then hit the appropriate arrow key in the direction you want them to move. That’s it! However you may want to be able to control how far they get moved, so you need to understand the settings that control distance.

Snap mode affects the distance and direction in which the objects are nudged.

  • Nudge objects with Snap mode turned off: Objects move two pixels at a time; movement is relative and orthogonal to the screen, regardless of the view direction or the UCS orientation. That means if you are zoomed in, it will move a shorter distance than if you were zoomed out. Not very accurate way to move objects, so I would recommend using the Snap turned ON method if this is important to you.
  • Nudge objects with Snap mode turned on: Objects are moved in increments specified by the current snap spacing; movement is orthogonal to the X and Y axes of the current UCS and relative to the view direction.

So the next time you want to move something just give it a little Nudge.

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