In the spirit of Thanksgiving…

I wanted to share an old trick that easy to digest… a quick way to make a block from your existing geometry.

 First thing you will want to do is to select all of the objects to be included in the block.

Next hold down the Right+Click button until the cursor turns into an “Arrow and Box”

Now while holding down the right mouse button still, move the new copy to the new location and release the right button and you will see a shortcut menu appear, choose Paste as Block… DONE!

Now for Second Helping… (And I will keep it even lighter, so you don’t fill up too fast!)

You could also, select the objects do a Ctrl+Shift+C… then pick your Basepoint… then use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste a copy back in!


Now, please realize that when created this way the block name may not be the desired name you want or the desired insertion point location. However, you could use the RENAME command or BEDIT to edit those things if desired.

So after your feast and you’re lying on the couch, rubbing your full belly, with no energy to run the BLOCK command… this is a lazy substitute.

Well stick a fork in me I’m done… I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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