In the spirit of the Olympics…the DesignCenter picks ups a few more Medals!

I wanted to point out that if you haven’t used the DesignCenter (AKA Ctrl+2) in a while… ???

To refresh your memory, it’s that palette that looks and acts like the Windows Explorer that allows you to navigate to any of your existing files using a familiar tree structure and Manage and Share all sorts of “content” from that drawing file, right into your current drawing without even opening  the source file!

…And when I say “content”, I’m NOT just talking BLOCKS! For years you could replicate other content like Dimstyles, Layers, Layouts, Linetypes, Mutileaders, Table styles, Text styles and Xrefs.

Well proving that the DesignCenter is still alive and kicking… Autodesk did not stop there. They have increased it functionality by adding DetailViews, SectionViews and Visualstyles to AutoCAD 2013.



If you have never used the DesignCenter… It’s never too late to start!

In fact you might catch-up on some of that time you lost by doing everything manually! It’s real simple to learn (I teach it in my AutoCAD 101 class); and it’s been around for a while, so there are lots of papers and videos on the internet that will show you how the DesignCenter can be used to create and share content, manage tools on palettes and automatically put a smile on your face! =) Let me know if you have any questions.  Sorry this Blog was so short, But I have to get back to the games… GO USA!

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3 thoughts on “In the spirit of the Olympics…the DesignCenter picks ups a few more Medals!

  1. Is it possible to share a specific DesignCenter with other users….as a set of standards that everyone would have access to?

  2. Absolutely, in the Folders Tab inside the Design Center’s Dialog box I can see all of my network locations as well, I would also take a look at using the Content Explorer also… Even More Powerful! =)

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