Point Clouds

Today Point clouds are being use more and more because of its speed and accuracy. So I wanted to give you an update on the AutoCAD 2013 changes.  Point cloud functionality is significantly enhanced  with the new Point Cloud panel on the Insert ribbon tab. Files are attach and manage similar to working with xrefs, images, and other externally referenced files.

The Attach Point Cloud dialog box now provides a preview image and detailed information.

Selecting an attached point cloud will display a bounding box around the data to assist you visualizing its position relative to other objects. In addition the is now a Point Cloud contextual ribbon tab with access to relevant tools. 

You can adjust the point cloud density and, (if intensity data is included), you can use the analysis tools to view point intensity using different color schemes including gray scale or spectrum.

New clipping tools enable you to create and modify clipping boundaries and additional options enable you to specify whether the bounding box is displayed, allowing easy access to the External References manager.  The Properties palette has been updated to include point cloud properties.

Point cloud indexing has been enhanced to provide a better workflow when working with raw scan files. You can now index scan files from major industrial scanner companies, including Leica and Topcon in addition to Faro.

When you save from AutoCAD 2013 to an older version DWG  file, a message alerts you that the attached PCG file will be re-indexed and degraded to be compatible with the previous version of the drawing file format. The new file will be renamed corresponding incremental file name.


That’s it for now, but remember to keep you feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.

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