The Designers Full Circle… from sketch to CAD and back to sketch… ?=\

I always have a slight chuckle under my breath when I have to talk about this feature, because when I started in drafting as a Designer, one of the skills I had to learn is how to sketch. Then I had to Learn CAD. Then I had to learn how to make CAD look like I sketched it. Yea, I’m sure you come from the same era are shaking your head with a grin on your face as well. But it’s not like we went back in time we just found a better, faster, more consistent way to create and edit your drawings, but still have that “soft-artistic-roughed-out-not-quite-set-in-stone-look” to your design ideas. And if you have ever manually created a rendering or sketch and had to change it, you know what I mean by what it took to change it!!! … Most of the time, you had to splice out that part of the drawing or start all over from scratch. So CAD has made this much easier to change, and allow the Artistic Designer (or everyone else in the office) to be more consistent in the style of the sketch through the Visual styles.

Now the Sketchy capability has been around for almost 5 years (AutoCAD 2007), but it has gotten more convenient to use especially with the new “Sketchy” inside the “Visual Style Controls” (3rd category) in the “In Canvas Tools, located on the upper-right corner of the Graphics Screen (Drawing area) in AutoCAD 2012.

You can change the appearance by adjusting the setting and options, or create your own multiple styles inside the Visual Style Manager.  And the best part is whether you are designing in 2D or 3D, every view has the capability of becoming a designers sketch or a working drawing with a click of a button.

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