3 Strikes and you’re in!!!? Command line… is not so commanding anymore.

In an older Blog (May 7 2012) I wrote about how AutoCAD had introduced the AutoComplete Settings which included: Auto-Append, Suggestion List, Display Icons, System Variables and the “Delay Time”. (Just in case that new feature was bugging you, until you got used to it.)

Well Autodesk did not stop there… They added so much more functionality to the command line that I am going to have to do this over a few blogs.

Starting off, some slight changes is the Auto-Append is now labeled as AutoComplete, and you still have the System Variable and Delay Time Settings; But they have now added the AutoCorrect and a few more that we will talk about next time.

AC1In AutoCAD 2014, if you mistype a command, instead of responding with “Unknown command,” AutoCAD autocorrects to the most relevant and valid AutoCAD command. For example, if you accidently type TABEL, the TABLE command is automatically launched. On top of that, if there is a command that you frequently mistype and it doesn’t automatically launch the correct command, you can have AutoCAD add that to the list so it does!


Here is how it works. Let’s say you type in a command like LIME; well that would return an “Unknown command” at the command prompt. But let’s say you type LIME and the Suggestion List is displayed and you pick the LINE command. It will launch the line command, as suspected, but if you do that 3 times (set by default in the Input Search Options… settings) total

AC2You can now type in LIME and hit the enter key and it will launch the LINE command. You can also manage this list in the Edit AutoCorrect List located on the Manage tab in the Ribbon. This will open up the AutoCorrectDB.pgp file and you can manually Edit, or Add more aliases just like you would in the acad.pgp file. (FORMAT: Alias, *Command)

AC3This is a great new function to AutoCAD 2014 and I can’t wait to tell you about the others in the next Blog.

Until then, Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season and New Year!


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