AutoCAD 2014… A New Direction.

Well this is the first blog of the new AutoCAD 2014 release for me and I can’t wait to tell you about this year’s new features of the course of my blogs to come.Let’s start by saying the most surprising change was the Autodesk New Brand & Origami Logo…


At first I was not sure about it, messing with a globally known company’s brand is a tricky thing to pull off with everyone, just ask Pepsi. =) But, honestly I am starting to like the new logo… (Not looking for the red icon is the hardest.) But what makes me like it even more is the drive behind the change…  In the press release titled “Not Your Father’s Autodesk” Chris Bradshaw, (Autodesk Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer) stated…

“The new Autodesk is not just a surface change, but a reflection of how we are evolving our business.”  

Article Link:

I have provided the link above and is very interesting reading on the decisions that were made for the change and the path that leads them moving Autodesk forward into the future. I will let you read it for yourself.


However, with that said… let me leave you with one needed little trick that you can now do in AutoCAD 2014 that also has to do with a change in direction.

This particular Drawing Enhancement has always bugged me for years that you could not control it in the middle of the command… that’s right that the ARC command. Besides some options (like 3point) AutoCAD always drew the Arc in a counterclockwise direction. And I know we all say “It’s been that way ALWAYS!” And I know that… but it never failed sometimes I would start the command get half way done and then realize I would have to cancel and start over again in the counterclockwise direction. I always thought to myself why they don’t have an option or some way to go the other way!?…

Well that day has come!

You can now easily draw an arc in either direction by holding the Ctrl key to switch directions as you draw. Whoo Hoo!  Thank you ARC-ANGELS & Autodesk.

Stay tuned more cool stuff coming!


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