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The one thing that AutoCAD is really good at is making sure that there are several ways to do the same thing; and this still holds true for the latest version in AutoCAD 2014! Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a bad thing! In fact, I love the way AutoCAD lets me pick the way that works best for me.

For example: They had the Workspaces on the on the Status Bar then it was brought into the Quick Access Toolbar… Layout Tabs are at the bottom of the Drawing Window (or Canvas), then they introduced the Quick View Layouts feature… the list goes on and on. The good thing is they almost always leave the old way still intact so you can choose which one you like. Personally, I like the new AutoCAD 2014 File Tabs.

File Tabs 1

File Tabs are displayed at the top of the drawing area (just below the Ribbon menu) for each open drawing and is a fast way to switch between open drawings or to create new ones as easily as switching between layouts using the layout tabs. In my opinion I believe it will be preferred method over the current methods of using… (1.) Switch Windows in the Ribbon View Tab, (2.) or the Open Documents in the Application Menu, (3.) or the Quick View Drawing button on the Status Bar and so on; just because of its ease of use. If you prefer to stick with one off the earlier methods, you can turn off the file tabs bar using the File Tabs control button on the View ribbon tab.

File tabs are displayed in the order they are opened, however you can drag tabs the tabs to the order you desire. If you have multiple drawings open that goes past the screen area, there is an overflow menu on the right side of the file tabs bar that provides you access to the additional files.

A lock icon on the tab indicates that the file is open as read‐only. The asterisk indicates if the file has been modified since its last save. When you hover your cursor over a file tab, a preview image of the model and layouts are displayed and if you hover your cursor over that preview image, a corresponding model or layout is temporarily displayed in the drawing area and the Plot and Publish tools are accessible from the preview. The Plus (+) icon to the right of the drawing tabs allows you to create new drawings, and the (X) on the file tab allows you to close that drawing.

File Tabs 2

In addition, when you right‐click on a file tab a shortcut menu allows you to create, open, save, and close files, including the option to close all open files except the one on which you right‐clicked. You can also copy the full file path to the clipboard or open the file location in Windows Internet Explorer.

So if you are a fan of the Layout tabs and you work in and out of multiple drawings… I think you are going to enjoy this feature as well.



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8 thoughts on “AutoCAD 2014 New File Tabs

  1. Isaac,

    The Switch Windows function is in the Ribbon View Tab rather than the Ribbon Manage Tab…

    I have been using this function for many years, and have always wondered why it was not included in the Quick Access Toolbar like it is in Revit…

    The new File Tabs eclipse even that by providing additional functionality as you describe here…

    Great addition, Autodesk!

  2. I like the TABS but how do I turn off the hovering drop down function for the layout tabs without using the Ribbon?

  3. Thank you Jay, I have corrected that to the View tab. If you right-click on the Switch Windows tool on the Ribbon you can add it to the Quick Access toolbar. Sorry for the delay, work is keeping quite busy!


    To keep from auto-previewing and changing the drawing by accidently hovering over the File Tab, change to (0).

  5. Hi am working in autocad , suddenly by pressing any key am not getting the new tab option on below the ribbon so, how to fix it replay fast

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