Autodesk Professional Certification Day at CADsoft

This was a busy day with more than a dozen people coming in to our Autodesk Training Center to take advantage of the Autodesk® Open Doors Certification to become an Autodesk® Certified Professional in the software of their industry.

When the announcement went out I was contacted by some interested candidates wanting to know if there were any advantages to that person getting certified, or is this something that should be done with all of their AutoCAD users?

So I thought about it a sent a reply back and thought to myself how many more people are there that don’t know about Autodesk Certification (User and Professional)   But what I wanted to talk about is some of the benefits of becoming an Autodesk Certified Professional.

Some of the benefits are:

  1. Let’s a future Client, Company or Consultant know that all of your staff are Autodesk Certified Professionals!
  2. Looks great on you company website, mailers, and brochures.
  3. Certificates look impressive framed on your walls in the lobby.
  4. … as well as your employees’ business cards/resumes.
  5. Autodesk will List the all of the names of the Professionals on their website, this is a great advantage if someone (prospective future client) is searching for someone/consultant that really knows the product.
  6. Autodesk is really pushing Certifications, so you will start seeing this pop up in the industry more and more.
  7. And lastly you get to use the official Autodesk Certified Professional branding LOGO in your emails and such.

And the best thing that I was proud of was that over 90% of the people that had taken my AutoCAD Professional Certification Prep. class, pass the test first time around. Before that the average was well below 50%. So if you are interested in taking part in becoming a Autodesk Certified Professional please by all means better your chances by experiencing the power of today’s best-in-class design technologies under the guidance of expert instructors by taking a certification prep course at CADsoft Consulting an Authorized Training Center (ATC®)

Isaac is the go-to guy for the AutoCAD skills that lie at the foundation of AEC software tools and increased productivity. And you’d be hard pressed to find someone who knows more than he does about how to be more efficient in AutoCAD. Isaac can present best strategies and tips for productivity because he understands his audience and what they do. He has a high number of repeat customers who like his dynamic style and keep returning to learn more from him.

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