Hidden Text Tricks…

In the Blog I wanted to talk about a couple of text editing commands in AutoCAD that I don’t hear about much, so I was just wondering if people were using them or not?

The first one is TCASE command. (Text Case) This command will allow you to change the case to several variations of cases desired for all selected text objects including TEXT, MTEXT, ATTDEF, or BLOCK inserts w/attributes…1

Just simply pick what changes you desire from the dialog box and click OK.

The next one I want to point out is TORIENT (Text Orient) command; this command will allow you to change the orientation angle off the text for all selected text objects including TEXT, MTEXT, FIELDS, ATTDEF, or BLOCK inserts w/attributes…


Then you can type in the angle, or pick to points on the screen to determine the angle of the text.



The text will rotate to the new angle using the middle center justification point of the text regardless of current justification assigned to the text.


In the example above the text FUTURE and the BLOCK/w the Room Title and number Attributes were able up rotate within the block without rotating the block itself.

Well I hope you were able to find these few text tricks handy, and I look forward to passing along more in the future.

This is Isaac… thank you for your time.


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