Safety First… with Secureload

A lot of companies have some sort of “Customize Content” that is not native to AutoCAD but is set up load into their Autodesk software automatically, or have 3rd or get party applications from someone and install them on their computer accidentally. In either case;  AutoCAD 2014 offers new security controls to help protect your drawings from unauthorized or malicious execution of files such as scripts, AutoLISP routines, and VBA applications within AutoCAD.


The Files tab of the Options dialog box includes Trusted File Search Path. This will allow you to locate and add the Custom content that your may already have in place.  You can also access these controls using the new TRUSTEDPATHS and TRUSTEDDOMAINS system variables.


In the security control on the System tab of the Options dialog box provides access to new executable file settings and how you want AutoCAD to handle them on Secure Loading and well as Automatic Loading.


You can allow executable files to be loaded from all search paths or only from the trusted locations specified on the Files tab. If you choose, you can have the program display a warning before loading executable files outside the trusted locations. These option settings are stored in the new SECURELOAD system variable. Also, similar options have been added to the Deployment Wizard that will allow you to apply Secureload functionality to your network deployments as well saving valuable IT time in large deployments.


On a side note:

I had a customer that had some questions about a 3rd party source (I blocked the name to be fair to everyone.)  I downloaded an ARX file from their site and sure enough once I launched my AutoCAD 2014 it displayed this warning.


Happy to report… Works perfectly!



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