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0When Autodesk introduced the AutoComplete it was basically the same function that my cell phone had had for many years. So while it was useful to have in AutoCAD, it was not really what I would consider cutting-edge technology. The command line in new 2014 is definitely something I wish AutoCAD had years ago!


In AutoCAD 2014 the command entry was enhanced to support mid‐string search. For example, if you type SETTING on the command line, the suggestion list displays commands containing the word SETTING anywhere it may fall in the word, not just at the beginning. I realized how useful this was when I am trying to remember what the exact name of a system-variable or command name was or is currently, (like ClassicArray or is it ArrayClassic…) No bother, it displays either way now!

Adaptive suggestions

The next great feature is that “Commands in the suggestion list” are initially displayed in the order of their usage based on general customer data. As you continue to use AutoCAD 2014, the order of commands in the suggestion list will adapt to your own usage habits. Eventually, you and AutoCAD will think and work alike! The command usage data is stored in the profile and adapts to each user.

Synonym suggestions

The latest addition to the command line is it has its own a built in synonym list. When you enter a word at the command line and it will return a command if a match is found in the synonym list. For example, if you enter Symbol, AutoCAD finds the INSERT command so you can insert a block. Or if you enter Round, AutoCAD finds the FILLET command so you can add a fillet to a corner. 2

If you want, you can add your own words to the AutoCorrect and Synonym lists using the Edit Aliases tool from the Manage ribbon tab.

3I hope you find these additions and enhancement as useful as I have. The great thing is we’re not done with the command line yet! In my next Blog I will tell you about the rest of the added features that will allow you to make intelligent searches for content!


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