Command line… The Final Frontier

And our final post on the new features in the AutoCAD command line. The title is fitting, because like the famous TV series in this section I want to cover the “Search” functionality now available in the command line.


In AutoCAD 2014, you can use the command line to access multiple content items such as layers, blocks, hatch patterns/gradients, text styles, dimension styles, and visual styles. As an example, if you enter Door at the command line and the current drawing has a block definition with the name Door, it will enter the Insert command you can quickly insert it right from the suggestion list.


Internet search

In AutoCAD 2014, you can quickly search for more information on a particular command or system variable in the suggestion list. Just hover the cursor over the command or system variable in the list and choose the Help or Internet icons to search for relevant online information. The word AutoCAD is automatically prepended to the current term for searching the Internet to avoid unrelated information.



To make the suggestion list even easier to navigate, system variables and other content are sorted into expandable categories. You can expand a category to see the results or you can press the Tab key to cycle through each category.



Another feature in AutoCAD 2014 is the Synonym search. Just like the AutoCAD command Aliases and the AutoCorrect there is also a Synonym search in the same PGP format. Like the others, you can also edit the list to suit your needs. For example if the user were to type in Round it will bring up the Fillet command and so on.



Input settings

You can customize the behavior of the command line using controls in the Input Settings menu when you right‐click on the command line. In addition to the previous options to enable AutoComplete and search for system variables, you can enable AutoCorrect, Search Content, and Mid‐string Search. All of these options are turned on by default.


Another right‐click option provides access to the new Input Search Options dialog box. Much of the new command line functionality, including AutoCorrect, mid‐string search, and adaptive suggestions, is also available using dynamic input.


So this concludes this mini-series on the New Features of the AutoCAD 2014 Command line. I hope that you were able to take a few good tricks over the last few months.

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