Ending the Curse of the Cursor…

Autodesk has made some enhancements to the Cursor in AutoCAD 2015. A minor improvement was the crosshair lines that used to run through the pick box have been removed to make it easier to view what you are selecting. You can still use the PICKBOX system variable or the OPTIONS Dialog on the SELECTION tab to change the size of the pick box and the length of the crosshairs in the Display tab (or the CURSORSIZE system variable) to your personal preference.


1-cursorAll of the old settings of cursor are still available, (like Aperture, Color display and so on) as well.

The major improvement to the cursor is the new Badges. 

When you are selecting with Window or Crossing you will see the Selection badges appear near the crosshairs…

2-crossing-window-badgesWhen you are using Inquiry commands (ID, List, Distance, Radius, Angle, Area and Volume) an Inspection badge will appear. 

3-inpection-badgeBadges will also appear during several Editing commands such as…


Chances are there are more yet to discover! Even though for some of you these may be in the “WHY?” category of your mind, they could become useful in a heads up of the command you are currently in.

But if that does not convince you to leave them on and you still feel like you are living in a “Blazing Saddles” movie… you know the one!

Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ Badges!”

Then the next part out of the online help file is for you…


Whatever you choose, just be glad the AutoCAD is always trying to improve, and still gives to the control to change it back! (Well in most cases.)


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