The Release of AutoCAD 2015

In May 25, 1977, George Lucas gave us STARWARS… Almost 37 years later Autodesk has given us AutoCAD 2015! A version even Darth Vader himself would love.

The first thing I liked about opening AutoCAD 2015 is that they took away the Welcome Screen. =)

(…need I say more.)

The next thing that you will notice is that the new interface color scheme is very …ummm, should I say “Welcome to the Dark Side”. Yes, that would be fitting. Personally I came from a Manual Drafting background. (For the younger audience that was back before drawing on computers. Man, never thought I would have to say that in my life! #FeelingOld.) Anyways, I don’t mind staring at a big white piece of paper, in fact, I change my Model space background color to white, (mostly because it projects better than black when teaching on an overhead projector in front of a large class, in my opinion.) I always give the students a choice and they choose that one more than the Black background. So maybe it’s not just me. But the main reason for the change is to reduce Eye-Strain. That I can believe. Working on Computers for the last 30 years has taken a toll on my eyes. (Or it could be the number of years… Haha. #FeelingOldAgain.) Perhaps I will give it a chance and see if it helps. (Maybe then I can cut back on the carrots…?)

Another new appearance you will notice it when AutoCAD has no DWG’s currently OPEN; it displays the New Tab on the Files tab that was introduced last year. Ta-Da! (That’s where the Welcome Screen went.) This New tab contains two areas, Learn and Create; and you can switch from one to the other by clicking on the appropriate labeled button below.

The Learn button contains content to help you learn AutoCAD much like the Getting Started videos and the Online Resources.

The Create button has three sections that allow you to Get Started (creating new files or opening existing ones), Recent Documents and the Connect. (Autodesk 360).

Once you are inside the AutoCAD drawing interface you will immediately notice the new Dark Themed UI.

6a00d8341c99d753ef01a3fce0b163970b-800wiYou can switch to the Light theme by simply changing the color scheme in the Display tab inside the Options dialog box.

Options-ColorSchemeAnd with this new appearance of the Dark Side it would not be complete without a Lightsaber! Well…Unfortunately, Autodesk did not add that tool yet, but they did get close with the new object selection tool called LASSO! (I guess I can deal with the Cowboys Vs Aliens version until they do.) =)

I will elaborate more on Lasso and the many other improvements inside AutoCAD 2015, in my future Blogs. So stay tuned and May the Force be with You… ALWAYS!

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