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Xref enhancements

The display of linetypes and layers from externally referenced drawings is enhanced in AutoCAD 2014.

Linetypes from Xref’s are not displayed in the drop-down linetype list on the ribbon or Properties palette. This helps limit the excessive and redundant amount of information that is displayed in these menu areas, while still being able to view them through the Linetype Manager or inside the Layers Manager.



Xref layers are displayed in the ribbon to control their visibility, but they are not displayed in the Properties palette.



You can quickly change the attachment type for an xref between Attach or Overlay by double‐clicking in the Type column, or change multiple selected xref’s at the same time using the right-click shortcut menu.



In addition the External References palette includes new tools to easily change the path of selected xrefs between Absolute & Relative. You can also remove the path completely.



The –XREF command includes a new PATHTYPE option enabling you to automate these path changes via scripting or macro.

[Note: In case you are not aware of this, Putting a dash in front of most commands that open with a Palette or Dialog will suppress the Dialog and force the command to run through the command line only, which is preferred for most programmers and customizers.]



I hope this makes your External Referencing needs much easier to use, modify and manage!



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