AutoCAD 2016 Help is on the way!

In AutoCAD 2016 they have extended the Help file to make it even easier to access help to related content and tools.
As before you can access the Help file from the traditional ways, typing a question mark on the command line, or the F1 function key, by using the Help button on the info center, and my favorite; hovering your cursor or a tool in the Ribbon and pressing the F1 function key to take you straight to the topic.

Help1In AutoCAD 2016 you are automatically signed into the Help documentation when you log into you A360 account and vice-versa. Once you are in the help file you can LIKE certain topics for ease of access later. The content filter allows you to search through the User, Developer and Administrator guides to better assist you in a more content related search.

Help2Lastly, AutoCAD’s FIND link in the Help file displays an animated arrow in your AutoCAD to help you locate tools on the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar and now in AutoCAD 2016 this functionality has been extended to include the Application Menu and the Status Bar. If a tool is in the Application Menu it will automatically expand the Menu and point to the tool. If the tool is in the Status Bar and the display is turned off then AutoCAD points the animated arrow to the location where you can turn it on. Once the tool’s display is on; the Arrow will point to the tool directly.

Help3Remember that the AutoCAD 2016 Help file is an “Online Help File” that way you are always getting the latest updated information. (This also saves time when downloading your new version by keeping the file sizes smaller.) BUT… You can always download the Offline Help file if you ever decide…

Help4Whatever you decide… AutoCAD Help File and CADsoft Consulting will always be here to assist you!

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