Find your Center… your “Geometric Center” that is… with AutoCAD 2016’s Newest Osnap!

AutoCAD 2016 now offers a Geometric Center object snap. This was the #2 item on the AUGI wishlist.

When using the Geometric Center osnap you can snap to the geometric center of Closed Polylines, including Polygons and Rectangles. The Geometric center osnap appearance on screen is similar to an 8 pointed asterisk.


You can access it through the command line by typing GCE and works similar to all of the other AutoCAD object snaps. It can be set running (or ran as an override) using the same traditional AutoCAD osnap access and setting methods; including the Drafting Setting dialog box, the Status bar, and the Right+Click contextual menus, (including the Shift+Right+Click menu).



4Geometric Center Tooltips are also distinguished from the traditional Center tooltip and a new object tracking glyph separately identifies the Center osnap from the other osnaps that display the traditional “+” glyph.

All in all this is a nice addition to the AutoCAD 2016 Object Snaps. I am glad Autodesk really does try their best to accommodate input from its users and a big thank you to AUGI or organizing our wishes and working with Autodesk closely to make a better AutoCAD for its customers.

Perhaps they will update the symbol in the Drafting Settings dialog box in the next version to match in the symbol’s display on the AutoCAD screen.  (It’s just a suggestion.)  😉





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