How to Find the Correct AutoCAD Hatch Name Using Quick Select

In some instances, during the Qselect command, AutoCAD will NOT display the Pattern Name of a hatch pattern if there is a gradient pattern in the drawing as well, (Only the Gradient Name.) or sometimes vice versa.

When only the Pattern style hatch is in a drawing, you can select the hatch with the Qselect command using the Properties of Pattern name and Value to select the pattern you want throughout the entire drawing. You can do the opposite if only a Gradient style hatch is in the drawing.

See Qselect options before Gradient Hatch is applied to the drawing.


But once a Gradient Hatch pattern is put in the drawing file, sometimes it will only read the Gradient name and NOT the pattern name.

See the Qselect options after the Gradient Hatch is added.

gradient hatch

If it still displays the Pattern name (depending on how the hatch was created) after you add the gradient hatch, however, you may be able to select the gradient hatch by selecting the Pattern name = “Solid._O” name. (But it does NOT distinguish between different Gradient styles, as shown in the image below.)

The only way I could get this to show the Pattern name and not the Gradient name was by copying the ANSI31 pattern to a new location and then changing the pattern to a Gradient style in the hatch edit.

gradient style

It will pick all the Gradient styles. But if the Gradient name displays in the Qselect dialog list, you will not be able to select any of the Pattern names, as shown below:

pattern names

This obviously makes it very difficult to select one style or the other by name.

So, until Autodesk makes it so both Pattern name and Gradient name show at the same time when we have both styles of hatch in our AutoCAD drawings, you may have to do some fancy manipulation with your files.

Some tricks that have worked for me in the past are:

  1. Erase all gradient hatch patterns, or change them to a Pattern style. Now the Pattern Name will display in the Quick Select dialog. It sounds drastic, but it works.
  2. Select all objects in the entire drawing (Ctrl+A) and start the Qselect command. As long as it stays on Current Selection mode (not Entire Drawing and do not use the Append option.), it should display the Hatch Pattern name and let you choose the pattern name to filter out the selection.

Unfortunately, this does not allow you to add to the selection, so an additional pattern name would have to be modified separately by repeating the same steps for that pattern name.

  1. Try recreating the Hatch in several different ways:
  2. Try picking the hatch and changing the style from one to another, or make a copy and change that style.
  3. Creating the hatch with the different Ribbon options to force that style to display. Then, if you need to, change it to a different style during the Hatch command or edit it afterward.
  4. Try creating the different Hatch styles in a different order.

Truth be told, I have not yet seen the fail-proof way of doing this. But don’t give up! Eventually, you find the magic combination that display the content you are trying to find using the Quick Select command to fine the Hatch you want.

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