Interface Enhancements in AutoCAD 2018 That Will Make You a Better Designer

Lots of times when we update our software, we miss the new features because they are just minor tweaks that most users don’t pay attention too, or have learned to live with, rather than major disruptions. But those small changes can still make a big difference in AutoCAD, and AutoCAD 2018 is full of them.

I’d like to point out these minor interface changes in the newest releases of AutoCAD to help you hone them for your own designing ventures and projects. Let’s dive in.

File Navigation Dialogs

Commands like Open, Save, SaveAs, Attach and several others now can remember sorting order of the column. So, if you like to sort by file size, reverse file name, or even date, it will now automatically keep the same settings the next time you access that file dialog. You can also adjust the size of the dialog to limit the amount of scrolling you have to do, and you can even rearrange the columns in the order you want.

file navigation dialogsDrafting Settings Dialog

The Drafting Settings dialog can now be resized to display all the content tabs across the top without having to use the navigational arrows.

drafting settings dialogWhen assigning colors in the Select Color dialog using the True Color tab, you can now enter comma-separated values for RGB colors while in the HSL Color model setting.

select color dialogLayer Control Flyout in the Quick Access Toolbar

Another added preset to the Quick Access Toolbar is the addition of the Layer Control flyout. This preset makes it easier to display, especially for users that didn’t know the right+click trick to adding tools to the Quick Access Toolbar. This is very useful to access all your layers when working on other Ribbon tabs without having to switch back to the Home tab.


layer control flyoutRubber-Band Line

You can now change the color of the Rubber-band Line in the Options dialog under the Display tab in the Colors settings.


rubber band line


These might seem like small adjustments, and they are, but when they’re added up they make operating AutoCAD simpler and more efficient. Expect more commentary on the developments of AutoCAD 2018 in the months to come.

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